Hello there! My name is Christina Ross but was given the nickname Strina when I was younger and it stuck. Hence, S.T.R. Graphics, short for Strina Ross. I became interested in photography when I was in high school. I would borrow my dads camera and use it for anything from family photos to the sunset. It took me awhile to really understand what I was doing. My sister had asked me to do her maternity shoot in 2016 and I think that was the REAL start for me.

I am now a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Production with a minor in dance. I had a class with Tara Knight, a projection art designer, as my professor and became extremely interested in projection art as well. Because of that class, projection photography has become one of my favorite styles of photography.

I was involved in a dance research project where I helped film the dancers and other events within the week. It is still in the process of being finalized. I am not sure I can disclose much information about it at this time. I also filmed a dance major and used her specifications to edit it to match her idea for her last BFA performance which you can find on my YouTube channel as well as some of my other video work.

I also had a friend who started their own drag show in Boulder, Colorado, specifically for drag kings and was asked to be the official photographer. That was the start of drag show photography and event photography for me. I fell in love with doing that and helping others see themselves being themselves even if it's just a 'performance.' I want to help others see themselves in the best way using photography. Most of my work is events so I don't pose or plan ahead but when I do have 'models' they are very involved in the photos that they are in. In my projection photography, I let my models choose the photos being projected and I only do what is comfortable to them. So if you want some photos done but feel like you are not REALLY SEEN during the shoot, let me know! I would love to work with you!
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"Creativity arises from our ability to see things from many different angles." -Keri Smith